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This is the chance to express to you our pride and pleasure to count on you within our graduates’ community.
From the year 1993 and in a repeated fashion, Ingles de los Andes School hes delivered to Cali’s community graduate classes made up of students formed in an integral manner where the experience of values, bilingualism and a high academic proficiency has allowed them to perform successfully in their different undergraduate programs and afterwards at a professional level. Hence, it is very important for us to consolidate the structuring of a data base that will favor the graduate-school links and in such way be able to have not only the feedback of their achievements, but also, team up in the consolidation of an institution that calls on us on a daily basis.
It is important to keep a permanent communication with the CILA graduate, and for that reason we would like you to fill out the following format and in this way support us in the compliance of the set objectives (if you have contact with another graduate, please share this information with him/her)



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